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What is this
Mainly, a one man game developer studio.

Who am I
Hi, my name is William and I'm working on business software development since I can remember. That's not going to change right now (hence the Working Late name) so every hour I can dedicate to develop video games will have to be regained from other activities.

I finished two games until now. A first atempt: Microbes, wich in the end haven't worked, and an Asteroids clone that has some fun. Both can be played free on itch.io (but don't bother with the first one).

Oh, one more thing: English is not my natural language, you'll see, so if something hurts your eyes when reading, I'll thank you very much for telling me.

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The photo of the cabin at night, accompanying the website and headers on social networks, is owned by user "Martinstr" from "Pixabay". While the image is released under CC0 Public Domain license without required acknowledgement, here is me with the reference and gratitude.


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