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Ah sit, here we go again

Well, after a few years of non-gamedev work and some experimentation and goofing around in Unity, I sit down in front of the editor again. This time, more determined to develop something of quality, and now hopefully, with the participation […]


An old one

My first real attempt with Unity a few years ago: Microbes. I abandoned it at 95 percent more or less. It took me a long time to accept that it did not work. I upload it to as a […]


Finally: a release.

At last! A game published. It is available at and can be played for free. Also on Kongregate:


I almost done it again

From my last abandoned project I was able to identify two things that prevented me from moving forward: trying to come up with an original idea and achieve game mechanics that worked well and were fun. And I just wanted […]