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I almost done it again

From my last abandoned project I was able to identify two things that prevented me from moving forward: trying to come up with an original idea and achieve game mechanics that worked well and were fun. And I just wanted to start and finish a game…

But then, some time (years) later when I found myself again starting a new development, but this time determined to achieve the goal (to start and finish a game) and instead of being creating a prototype, art, code, or something, I was again thinking about game ideas, new mechanics, etc, luckily I realized in time that I was repeating the same unsuccessful cycle.

Finally, I assumed that the solution to develop a game without worrying about the idea and the mechanics would be to experiment cloning some classic. So it was that at the beginning of December I started with one of the first games of all time: Asteroids, and today I can say it’s almost finished, so hurray!